Why Choose Our Air Freight Services?

Air Freight is an indispensable asset to global economic development and trade facilitation. The enterprise not only makes transportation of cargo more efficient but also opens up a plethora of job opportunities. Air freight accounts for approximately 35% of world trade by cost through shipping trillions of dollars’ worth of cargo. RIV is a prominent Global Air Freight Forwarding companies when it comes to rendering the clients with trustworthy and reliable shipping solutions that add to the international trade market and consumers worldwide, keeping the competitive spirit of the marketplace alive. Air Freight secures an edge over other means of transportation by a great leap, especially for high-value low-volume shipments. RIV offers an extensive range of international services to its customers that includes Ocean freight, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Warehousing and Distribution, Project Cargo Shipping, etc. to enhance their supply chain. RIV accomplishes these goals by combining its global networks with local expertise to maintain the highest standards of work ethics.

Here are some reasons to convince you why airfreight is the way to ship!

  1. Time is money, and you do not need to waste it on the slow Global shipping services. Airfreight is indisputably the fastest and most efficient means of transportation as compared to ocean freight, road or rail transport. International or intercontinental transport has been reduced to mere hours before your goods reach the desired destination without hassle or uncalled for delays in transit. It is ideal for shipping over long distances but also promises speedy domestic transportation.


2.The high-reliability factor is the gamechanger when it comes to air freight cargo due to its dependable and convenient arrival and departure schedules. At RIV, we prioritize your time and make sure the minor delays in the flights do not cost you your time or resources. Airfreight provides services on a daily-basis with hourly departures depending on the customers’ timeline.


3.The greater accessibility of airfreights weighs the scale in its favour when it comes to delivering to remote areas that are often not suitable for Ocean Freights, Road Transportation, or Rail Freight due to their pre-established transportation networks. Send freight by air to make sure no territory is unserviceable. RIV caters to the shrinking tendency of world trade due to high-end technology and the interconnectedness of economic development.

4. If you are concerned about the safe keeping of your goods, then Air Freight is the obvious choice. Air Freight is highly recommended for high-value FCL services. The careful handling of your goods is ensured by tight airport security and cargo management that significantly reduces the risk of damage or theft. Ship your transportation worries to us; we will ensure your goods reach their destination safely.

  1. With convenient air freight tracking services, flight information, and schedules, monitoring cargo has become easy. Transparency of shipment and consistent updates about your goods ensures security that makes air freight a reliable alternative.

RIV provides top-notch UK specialist cargo shipping and covers all the major airports worldwide with regular consolidated economic departures to and from North America, India, China, Heathrow, Birmingham, and Manchester. Our 24×7 customer service provides worldwide courier services for time-sensitive consignments. RIV offers comfortable on-site storage facilities at major airports that make it one of the best Warehousing and Distribution companies globally. We undertake your unique packing requirements and offer solutions when it comes to fragile, climate-sensitive, high-value, or perishable cargo making us one of the best complete supply chain solutions companies.