Why Proper Warehousing And Distribution Is A Game-Changer In The Shipping Industry

Is transporting your precious cargo by the ocean safe? Is it true that ocean frighting is indeed the cheapest method of transportation? In this blog, we will answer some of the most common myths about ocean freight.

Almost 90% of shipping is done through the oceans, thus making it a well-established method of transportation for any good. Amidst a post-pandemic rat race, ocean freighting has emerged as one of the leading methods of transportation, since it is the cheapest method of transportation when compared to by-road or air shipping.

Even though ocean freighting claims increased time, it has been proven to be a less risky and steady shipping practice. When cargo is shipped by air transportations, several restrictions are met based on international law, national law, carrier organization regulations, and individual carrier regulations, however, fewer restrictions are present in ocean freight.

Flammable items, such as lamp bulbs, perfume, corrosive items, like batteries, magnetic items, such as speakers are often restricted in air transport to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew members on board, however ocean freight is free of such restrictions, allowing it to be one of the top shipping methods around the world.

If one truly cares about the planet Earth, ocean freighting will prove to act as the show stopper of their transportations, since it is also the only method of shipping that is environmentally friendly when compared to air and land freighting. The primary greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (C02) amounts to a meager 2.2% in ocean shipping according to the United Nations international maritime organization.

Another eye-opening fact about ocean freight is the fact that a single container is capable of housing 10,000 beer bottles! In air shipping, an additional amount is charged if any shipment is heavier than 500 kg, however in ocean freighting such limitations simply do not exist, therefore making it more affordable.

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